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Funds Management

Azeri Fund Management Company provides fund management for the maritime, energy related and the wider global transportation and infrastructure sectors.

The firm is committed to the provision of excellence in structuring, investing and managing its Asset Backed Investment and Equity Funds focused on these target sectors.

This is achieved through its highly qualified fund management and investment banking professionals with comprehensive experience in these sectors.

Asset Management

Azeri Fund Management Company has developed its successful track record by offering clients comprehensive market insight through dedicated research and timely innovative products.

Azeri Fund Management Company is renowned for its strong investment process and disciplined long-term approach.

Investment Services

The company carries out investment activities such as investing and trading of shares in investment companies, investment banks, banks, financial companies and industrial group of companies as well as trading in general merchandise.

Financial Services

The company conducts the following activities for individuals, corporations, financial institutions including banks (hereby referred to as "customers"):

1.The company will open bank accounts with various banks including their correspondents in various currencies.

2.Trade Finance and investments for and on behalf of its customers, such as:

  • a)Whole spectrum international trade finance services to companies including documentary business (letters of credit), guarantees, export and import credit and collections, and foreign trade.
  • b)(i) Receiving, advising and issuing different types of letters of credit, guarantees and bonds;
    (ii) Receiving inward remittances as well as outward remittances relating to payments for various goods and services in many currencies in the company's bank accounts.
    (iii) Holding funds in current and call accounts of the company's bank accounts;
  • We are the member of Telex Network